Which Hunger Games Character Am I

Which Hunger Games Character Am I. This quiz is so you can find out what main hunger games character you are! The hunger games | lionsgate films | gary ross | nina jacobson, jon kilik.

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I told thresh like two minutes ago not to say that! This quiz will tell you which character from the og trilogy you are. The hallucinations come on in full force.

I Have A Rough Past, And Present.

Color, happiness and glitter, lots of it. Designing would be my best skill and the thing i love most because i can funnel all my emotions into it. Unlike other hunger games character tests and quizzes that are available online, this test was created using classical psychometric items.

Catching Fire Character You Are!

I just try to stay on my feet, but i can't see where i'm going. You're small and gentle, which makes you the perfect animal lover. Although you don't really like to be in the spotlight, you don't like when people underestimate you, which happens to you pretty.

Take This Quiz If You Want To Find Out Which 74Th Hunger Games Character You Are :)) Answers Include Katniss, Peeta, Cato, Clove, Glimmer, Marvel, Thresh, Rue, And Foxface.

Which hunger games character are you. The chart is divided between idealists, artisans, guardians, and rationalists. The one i love is here, protect her.

You Are An Invert, And Keep To Yourself.

You're an intelligent, sly character with quite a bit of wit. You're a little like effie, prim and proper but with hidden depths! So there are a lot of awesome female characters in the hunger games, but i've never found a quiz that included every single one all in one quiz so i decided to make one.

I'm Pretty Good With A Knife But I'm Also Very Fit And Strong.

I am like katniss 😃. Totally addicted to hunger games series? You might be seen as one of the only normal, down to earth people in.