Which Greek God Is Your Parent

Which Greek God Is Your Parent. Like many people, the greek gods were known for having children, many of them showing the same traits as their parents and some of whom couldn't be more opposite than them. This quiz is designed to check your personality against both the roman and greek gods, there are certain ones missing but they are ones that are not heard of before or are maidens eternally.

Which Greek God is your parent?
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Gods have been known to have kids with mere mortals and the kids had some abilities that are not common with human beings such as commanding the waters or super strength. Who is your greek god parent? You are confident in your abilities, and use your powers with lightning to your advantage.

Based On Your Responses, You Are A Hunter Of Artemis.

The elemenalist is a lot like the avatars from the show avatar: Your greek parent is zeus! Which greek god is your parent?

Have You Ever Stopped To Think That Maybe One Of These Gods Or Goddesses Would Suit You Better As A Parent Than The Ones You Have?

This quiz will have results for the major greek gods (excluding hera and hestia) and is based off of the percy jackson series. Fantasy & mythology personality greek gods parent greek gods personality quiz aesthetic percy jackson aphrodite hades zeus athena poseidon dionysus fantasy and myths dresses. If you could have any super power, it'd be.

Let Us Know If You Would Want A Quiz For Some Of The Minor Greek Gods 🙂 Published May 18, 2021 · Updated May 18, 2021.

You are a great ally in battle, and you best friend is a son. Are you a fan of percy jackson? We hope that you'll like the results.

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How about if you just like greek mythology? Which greek god do you think is your parent? That is while his mother is sally jackson.

What Greek God Is Your Parent?

Well, this is the time to find out your greek godparent with this quiz. Approved and edited by buzzfeed community team. In your quest for success, no challenge is too great.