What Does Aoe Mean In Games

What Does Aoe Mean In Games. It basicilly (sp?) means the was over. It was not uncommon for a spell to only have the chance to affect one or two players in a party due to.

what is the symbol on AoE radius? DotA2
what is the symbol on AoE radius? DotA2 from www.reddit.com

Association of engineers (india) aoe: It basicilly (sp?) means the was over. Even if the game was crap, people say gg.

In This Game, Some Attacks Affect One Target, Others Affect All Targets.

However, some aoe abilities target a character and radiate out from that character. [noun] acronym for area of effect, usually used in video games esp. Alpha omega epsilon (engineering sorority) aoe:

You Know The Spells That You Cast And The Circle Follows Around You're Cursor.

It is an ability of a character to damage a target and its surrounding area. Means it hits (or tries to) all targets. Most aoe abilities are either:

Area Of Effect It Think?

The abbreviation aoe is widely used in gaming with the meaning area of effect to refer to the zone around a character affected by their spells, powers or other abilities; Anywhere on earth (calendar designation) aoe: Or to the area affected by a weapon.

Even If The Game Was Crap, People Say Gg.

Arising out of employment (workers' compensation) aoe: Basiclly like what area an item effects for example a sniper is simple target but a grenade is aoe. Its just a way of saying that the game was over.

Age Of Empires (1997) Aoe Ii Or Aok:

Typically, aoe abilities target a spot on the ground, and their effects radiate out from that spot. Aoe means “area of effect”. As far as i know.