Radiology Tech Vs Ultrasound Tech

Radiology Tech Vs Ultrasound Tech. Performing routine inspections of equipment. On the other hand, sonographers are trained to use ultrasound technology, which emits sound waves to take internal images of the body.

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However, of all the tech positions in the rad dept, ultrasound definitely ends up in more intimate contact with our patients because for the duration of the scan we are right next to our patients at only arms length. The radiation therapy technologist earned a median salary of $80,160 or $38.54 per hour compared to the sonographers average salary of $69,650 per year or $33.49 per hour. The main specialty for radiologic technology listed by the bureau of labor statistics (bls) is mammography.

The Radiation Therapy Technologist Earned A Median Salary Of $80,160 Or $38.54 Per Hour Compared To The Sonographers Average Salary Of $69,650 Per Year Or $33.49 Per Hour.

Radiology tech salary is a little bit closer, with sonographers coming in a little higher nationally. A key difference between these two medical fields is the technology that's used in each. However, there were significantly more sonographers employed (65,790) compared to radiology technicians (17,450).

Having Worked With Both, Rad Tech Seems A Better Way To Go, In My Opinion.

There are different sub specialties in the field of ultrasound, which include obstetrics, fetal, abdominal, small parts, breast, echocardiography, and vascular technology. However, an ultrasound tech vs. Performing routine inspections of equipment.

The Bls Publishes That Radiologic Technologists Earned A Median Annual Salary Of $58,440 In 2017.

Salaries mostly ranged from $53,790 to $105,340. The following are typical rad tech and mri tech job descriptions. Radiologic technologist i radiologic technologist ii radiologic technologist iii mri technologist i

Hey Ya'll I Hope You Enjoy This Video, Where I Talk About What Differences I See Between Being A Registered Sonographer And A Radiology Tech.

By superadmin on september 13, 2019 in blog. Ultrasound techs make an average of $67,332, according to the same website. Ultrasound techs annually earned a median salary of $75,920 in 2020.

Radiology Tech Salary Is A Little Bit Closer, With Sonographers (Ultrasound Techs) Coming In A Little Higher Nationally.

While radiologic technologist and radiologist sound like similar careers, they are actually quite different. Consider becoming certified in a specialty area of radiology. Previous experience in ultrasound, preferred.

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