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They are interested in experimental shorts, chick flicks, reality TV, and more. Elaine is similarly intrigued by news of a blind date's exes exacting violent revenge on him. Soon enough, things become complicated when Jerry agonizes over whether to stay the night and what kind of gift to get Elaine for her birthday. Elaine learns this when she meets Jack, whose gaze is so smoldering that one look makes her dump her current beau.

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Later, she's horrified to realize she knows that look from a commercial where Jack plays a goofy blowout sale mascot, 'The Wiz. Earlier in the series, George fantasizes about dating Oscar-winner Marisa Tomei when he discovers they have a mutual friend. Kim is a movie and TV fan with experience editing for student publications and a degree in Film Studies.

Kramer also crosses boundaries in "The Truth.

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The truth comes out and the wedding is called off. Sometimes, warning s can be oddly alluring. When George manages to secure a job at Elaine's publishing company, he begins an affair with a member of the cleaning staff, only for her to tattle to their boss and get him fired.

‘seinfeld’ star will get blended reactions to his may-december romance

Manhattan's worst-behaved friends usually tank their own budding relationships, whether by picking prospects for the wrong reasons, obsessing over partners' mannerisms, or being plainly dishonest. During the ceremony, she reveals to George that she slept dating the groom when he went by a different name, and George blurts it out for all to hear. Dating famous seinfeld can be a tricky business. While we're all inclined to talk shop when beginning a new relationship, Jerry's girlfriends certainly get an earful of rude comments.

It turns out it's because he's a "bad breaker-upper," and, when Elaine calls it quits, Alan dubs her "big-head. Particularly cringe-worthy is "The Strike," in which Jerry spends the entire episode stringing along Gwen, a woman who looks strikingly different depending on the lighting.

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When George invites her on a group trip to a wedding in India, everyone tries to keep the tryst from coming to light. Her fling with the conservative Fred, a colleague at the publishing companyturns nightmarish when he receives her Christmas card featuring a too-revealing portrait. The beloved NBC sitcom 'about nothing' finds the gang cycling through a plethora of ificant others across nine seasons.

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After a drunk Elaine spills the beans, George forces Nina to choose between her suitors, but she admits she only wanted the free plane ticket. Another victim is Sidra, who Jerry dumps after Elaine speculates she has breast implants.

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In their free time, you can find them watching all of those things, walking their dog, cooking, and playing music. If the length of their relationships is any indication, Seinfeld 's Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are no dating experts. When Elaine crashes into her in the sauna steam room, an outraged Sidra believes she's been set up. Though he scores a coffee date, he ends up getting punched after he tells Tomei he's already unhappily engaged.

‘seinfeld’ star gets mixed reactions to his may-december romance

Most often, though, they're quickly derailed by the foursome's not-so-wise dating choices. When his girlfriend Melissa always wants to hang out in his apartment stark naked, a perplexed Jerry can't decide if he's comfortable with it.

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At her frenemy's destination nuptials, Elaine is trying to figure out where she knows the groom from. Kramer is enticed by Connie's insistence on staying home and doesn't mind keeping their relationship a secret. By Kim Patton Published Dec 23, Share Share Tweet 0.

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Whether it be Jerry taking issue with his girlfriend's large hands or George not liking Audrey's nose in "The Nose Job," the pair spend a lot of time criticizing women's bodies, especially when the neurotic duo aren't nearly the catches they think they are. Seinfeld is all about navigating the difficulties of romantic life, but Elaine's gaffe in the final season proves she still has much to learn.

On the upside, he's even able to land dates at the unemployment office. He seinfeld expect that, when he finally datings out casual nudity, Melissa won't be able to get the unpleasant image out of her head.

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Jerry and George have a way of finding something wrong with nearly every woman they go out with. In the second-season episode "The Deal," onetime lovers Jerry and Elaine come up with a set of rules for a friends-with-benefits relationship. Ultimately, it's more satisfying for Jerry and Elaineand, for many fans, for the pair to remain good friends with just an occasional side of flirtation.

But, when he passes out due to an erratic sleep schedule, Connie assumes he's dead and has him thrown into the Hudson River so her mobster boyfriend won't find out.

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In season nine's famous reverse-chronological episode, Jerry sleeps with his ex Nina right after giving George her. Related Topics Lists seinfeld. Her ex-boyfriend 'Bizarro Jerry' seinfeld a better friend on every front, but things go south when he and his pals decide she isn't up to par. In "The Voice," Claire's nighttime stomach grumbling le the group to adopt a 'voice' mimicking it.

When Jerry shouts a warning from a window to avoid a plummeting oil-filled rubber sack, she assumes he's using 'the voice' and winds up getting hurt. As the group's only nine-to-five-er, Elaine uses her dating as a hunting ground—and so do her friends. Tensions rise when dating a fellow germaphobe after he drops her toothbrush in the toilet, and his similarities to Jeannie Steinman, the "female Jerry," lead him to propose for the second time in the show's run, only for them to quickly realize they can't stand each other.

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Several relationships on Seinfeld could actually be described as sweet; Kramer's illicit romance with a poet hiding from a library cop, for instance, or Elaine's multiple flings with the adorable David Puddy. When Kramer dates Gail Cunningham, another of Jerry's exes, things aren't much betteras she swindles Elaine out of a priceless pair of shoes. When Jerry dates people too much like himself, it never works out.

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