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Ronald told LE he did not know what she was wearing, all he knew was that the back door was open. Johns County jails. LE has received over reported Haleigh sightings so far. They won't let me do anything. JH: I knew about this problem coming into office. All of these le have been reviewed by investigators, and le containing specific information that can be verified have been followed up on.

Investigator have redacted comments in the recordings so as to not compromise any of the cases that could be involved. JH: It has been very intense. JH: He is in solitary confinement. Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with me. I'm stuck in this one little cell the whole time. JH: Don't you want us to find a live child?

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Just this past year we've had a jail break where two escapees killed an innocent woman. Some of our officers have had to be pulled off the case from time-to-time due to exhaustion.

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Misty Croslin had taken the children out of the home in the past while sitting with them. Lisa: I can't believe they still believe, you know. TJ: Good afternoon, Sheriff Hardy.

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Ronald repeatedly said someone had taken his child and that "when I find him, I will kill him. I want out so bad," Misty said while crying. JH: Not a problem. TJ: Are we still looking for a live child? The original incident report stated that deputies Nelson and Bridges arrived at the home of HaLeigh's fatherRonald Cummings, at approximately a. This ISN'T a catch a release program! We need to take actions to expedite the judicial process.

TJ: How has this case affected your detectives and other deputies working the case? It's crazy. Hank: That's what we need to do. These types of le are reviewed by the investigative team, but many of these require little or no follow up investigation.

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JH: I think it could happen. Misty Croslin from jail - No. Angel Who CaresFeb 5, New Jail Audio Angel Who CaresFeb 8, She was taken from her home where she and her younger brother were being watched by Misty Croslin. Misty: It's ridiculous, because they got my bond set so high just because of that and it's not fair. Messages: 22, Likes Received: Trophy Points: 0. JH: He has a small cot and a toilet. It has happened before in other places, correct? JH: I believe we are looking for a live child, but we--like the families--are prepared to for a real possibility that she might not be alive.

TJ: First year as a Sheriff Any light at the end of the tunnel as far as a resolution in this investigation. As ly released, it is very unlikely that Haleigh's disappearance is the work of a stranger. This has nothing to do with it. It's a facility built to house about inmates and at last count, you have behind bars there!

TJ: Isn't the jail facing the very real possibility of being shut down by the feds due to overcrowding? JH: You could say that. It's been talked about for nearly a decade and now it's time for some meaningful action. Investigators have either personally determined that these were false sightings, or asked for assistance from local law enforcement agencies where the alleged sightings took place to follow up on the information.

TJ: A cot and a pot? All I know about solitary is what I've seen in those old prison movies from the 's. TJ: Yes! Who wouldn't?

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Lisa: I know. Many items of potential evidentiary value were collected and sent to FDLE's crime lab for analysis i. Sheriff Lieutenant J. Greenwood says police are still trying to figure out what happened to Haleigh. Misty: That's what they think I'm going to break. Some have stated that the Putnam County Sheriff's Office is looking for either a live child or possibly a dead child, but prefers to think the child is alive.

Our inmate to officer ratio is too high--officers get hurt We need about 29 more jail personnel. LE believe this to be a non-stranger abduction. TJ: What is it like?

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Hank Croslin Sr. Hank: We just need to find Haleigh. TJ: I want to ask you a few things about your jail JH: Excellent questions TJ: It is common knowledge around here that the jail is overcrowded. DNA samples were collected from many of those interviewed and compared to evidence collected in the case. Hank: If we can find Haleigh, it would be better for everybody.

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Later, we had an inmate shot and killed trying to escape. We are backed up on warrants served due to the over crowding at the jail. Angel Who CaresJan 21, It was accidentally linked to Incident News Talk Greenwood at the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. February 10, Deputy Nelson wrote in the report that Ronald was standing in the driveway and was visibly upset. JH: This is an ongoing investigation. Angel Who CaresJan 26, Angel Who CaresJan 27, Angel Who CaresJan 28, Misty Cummings talks with her parents via video conferencing from the St.

Johns County jail. Losing this child has been like losing one of our own children.

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More at link above. Angel Who CaresFeb 10, Misty: I know. I could only get one of them to open after many tries! Angel Who CaresFeb 3, Messages: 5, Likes Received: 2 Trophy Points: Johns County Sheriff's Office shows a tearful Misty Cummings talking with her mother via video conferencing.

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There's nothing to break me on, so they need to leave me alone. It's frustrating TJ: What action steps are you taking to remedy this problem? Misty stated that sometimes she took them for a walk to see her family. TJ: How much worse does it need to get? Johns Co. Angel Who CaresFeb 4, They are edited for profane language.

To date, none of the reported sightings have been determined to be credible.

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JH: We have the lowest bond schedules in the state.

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