Multicast Ip Address Cisco 2504

Multicast Ip Address Cisco 2504. Go to wlan's tab, choose the appropriate wlan, select the advanced tab then scroll down and to the right. However, you can change these values, if desired.

Solved Help to configure Cisco 2500 Series Wireless
Solved Help to configure Cisco 2500 Series Wireless from

1 management interface dhcp server ip address: Also, under controller, mdns, domain names i do see my devices. Verify that the ap has joined the controllers. If The Multicast Ip Address Is Different Airprint Will Not Work.

None configure dhcp bridging mode [yes][no]: You have to reboot your wlc & this change will be disruptive. management interface default router:

It Is Important That It Does Not Match Another Address In Use On Your Network By Other Protocols.

Ensure that the multicast feature is enabled. We recommend that any multicast applications on your network not use the multicast address configured as the capwap multicast group address on the controller. Enter a nonexistent, fictitious ip for the virtual gateway ip.

Management Interface Dhcp Server Ip Address:

In the multicast group address text box, enter the ip address of the multicast group. (2504) >config interface vlan management. Enter a name for the mobility/rf group enter an ssid. Management Interface Vlan Identifier (0 = Untagged):

The clients in that vlan will be able to receive multicast traffic from different multicast groups. In the web user interface, navigate to setup>>network>>connection and verify the. virtual gateway ip address:

If You Have Cli Access You Can Do It Like Below.

For multicast to work on cisco. Sparse mode uses a pull model to deliver multicast traffic. 1 management interface dhcp server ip address: