Junk In The Trunk Game

Junk In The Trunk Game. Wiggle, wiggle and wiggle some more until the box is empty. Tissue paper box will work here as the trunk and the ping pong balls will be the junk.


Reach the end of each level as fast as you can while picking up junk, secret collectables, and avoiding obstacles + litterbug enemies to maximize your karma points! Make sure your space is clear of obstacles. What started as a small backyard market and creative outlet for founders lindsey holt and coley arnold, has supported more than 600 small businesses over the last five years.

Special Action Cards Also Add To.

Prior to game start, contestant must stand in the designated start zone with hands at sides and with belt attached to body (box at the small of the back). If several people are playing, make. Successfully accomplish this before the timer runs out and the player is a winner.

This Game Is A Great Idea For Adults And Children.

This is simply a matter of making two straight vertical cuts in the back of the box. Junk in the trunk game I still love listening to the kids chant…”you have a minute to win it in 3, 2, 1 go!”jan 17, 2012.

For The Top Of The Box I Cut Letters Shapes Out Of The Light Lavender Pattern Paper Spelling Out Junk In The Trunk As That Is The Name Of The Game.

Since 2011, junk in the trunk vintage market has welcomed well over 100,000 shoppers through its doors across arizona and california. Contestant's hands or arms may not touch the floor, box, or belt. The first player to get rid of all of their "junk"

The Challenge Is To Take Out All The Balls From The Box By Just Moving And Shaking.

They look and perform just as well as shorts on land. You accidentally sold the ashes of your dead relative stored in the antique urn, and now you need it back. Tissue paper box will work here as the trunk and the ping pong balls will be the junk.

In This Video We Show You How To Play A Fun And Funny Game Of Junk In The Trunk With Friends And Family.

Tissue box, ping pong balls There's really only one rule that needs to be adhered to in order to play junk in the trunk. Place all the balls in the in the kleenex box, poke two small holes in the box one on each side of the box.