Jenni Rivera Parents Still Married

Jenni Rivera Parents Still Married. Jenni rivera’s oldest sibling is pedro. They divorced in 2003 and just four years later, lopez was imprisoned for selling drugs.

Jenni Rivera Filed for Divorce Before Death E! Online from

Jenni rivera was married three times in her 43 years. Jenni rivera reportedly had a boyfriend whom she dated for 10 years before she died in 2012. Rosie rivera may be a grown woman with her own family, but jenni rivera 's younger sister recently admitted that she hopes her parents doña rosa saavedra and don pedro will get back together one day.

However, Their Marriage Came To An End.

Rivera was born on july 2, 1969 and raised in long beach, california, to rosa saavedra and pedro rivera, both from mexico. Rivera was still in high school when the former lovers became parents for the first time. Rosa wed jenni's dad, pedro rivera, all the way back in 1963.

Rivera Spoke Both English And Spanish Fluently.

Although both chiquis and loaiza have always denied it, jenni believed that her third husband and oldest daughter were having an affair. Jenni’s first daughter was born janney marín rivera in june 1985, when the singer was still a teenager. But just two months later, she passed away, with the divorce still to be finalized.

When She Was 15 Years Old She Became Pregnant And Give Birth To Her First Baby Girl Jenny Chiquis Marin Rivera.

She became pregnant at 15 with daughter chiquis rivera, to whom she gave birth in 1985, and went on to marry her baby daddy, josé trinidad marín, aka trino. Police opened a case for marín in 1997 but captured him almost 10 years later and convicted him to 31 years in prison for sexual assault and rape. Today, pedro rivera is married to juana ahumada, though he has kept.

Many Are Excited About A Possible Reconciliation But A.

The couple later married in 1984 and had two more children, jacqueline and michael. Jenni later married her daughter’s father: Through a video that is available on the youtube channel of the music producer, also.

Jenni Rivera Is Best Known For Making Hit Albums Singing In Spanish And Producing Reality Tv Series Featuring Her Family.

One of the things jenni's fans are curious about is whether her mom is still married. After eight years of marriage, jenni and trino split up in. While still in school, jenni rivera became pregnant with josé trinidad marin’s child and gave birth to their daughter, janney marín rivera, at the age of fifteen.