How To Find Birth Parents Without Information

How To Find Birth Parents Without Information. Ask your adoptive parents or contact the appropriate government official for documents such as an amended birth certificate, petition for adoption, and the final decree of adoption. Height, weight, eye, hair color.

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With a database that is expanding by the hour, the chances of you finding your parents are better here than anywhere else. Next, register with all the adoption registries you can find, starting with,, and Take as many dna tests as you can.

Check Out The Process For Finding Your Birth Parents In Each State.

With a database that is expanding by the hour, the chances of you finding your parents are better here than anywhere else. After you get your results, download your raw ancestry dna data and upload it for free into family finder at family tree dna. City directories are probably one of the most helpful, and perhaps simplest, record sources to locate parents in when you cannot find them in more traditional sources.

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Depending on the information you have, even just the name of your birth parent and the place you were born may deliver some promising results. Contacting your dna matches through the myheritage system is completely free, whether you have taken a myheritage dna test or uploaded your data to myheritage from a different service. The place of adoption could help in tracing your birth parents.

Child Welfare Information Gateway, A Service Of The Children's Bureau, Administration For Children And Families, Offers A Web Section That Outlines The Steps Of The Search Process.

They might be able to give you helpful, nonidentifying information about. The reality is that searching for your biological family members can take a long time, and there are many routes to find them. The date and location of your birth.

Visit Website Of The State Your Adoption Took Place In For Instructions On How To Request It.

Contacting the adoption agency, attorney or social worker (if living) that facilitated your adoption may provide you with some additional information useful for finding your birth parents. Find out the state where you were adopted. It should provide a physical description of your birth parents as well as their education level and/or the type of employment they had.

Message Your Match Through The Myheritage Message System.

Many towns and cities completed directories every year and, often, you can find these directories online or at a local historical society or library. uses a highly powerful and unique search tool that cuts across boundaries to connect you with your birth parents. Start with the information that you have.