How To Change Cisco Switch Password

How To Change Cisco Switch Password. Username myuser privilege 15 password mypassword input the above command with the username you want to add or change. The following procedure is the steps when we are going to factory reset a cisco router.

Cisco Default Password List (Updated May 2020)
Cisco Default Password List (Updated May 2020) from

To change or set the enable password to password, use the following command: To enable the switch give give following command: Go to config mode, no enable password and the enable secret you've already applied will be the running password upon next log in.

The Steps In The Video Are Taken.

Switch # ap mgmtuser username cisco password 0 abcd secret 0. Today we will see how to encrypt passwords on cisco routers and switches. Verify the configuration by using one of the following commands.

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For example, the following password is rejected because it is not a strong password. Using the following command to set the given password for the user: If your workstation doesn't have a com port, you'll need a serial to.

Cisco Switch By Default Have No Password.

Privileged password can be encrypted by using the command. The next section will show you how to reset your password and load the config back onto the switch. Enable ssh on cisco routers and switches in authentication.

How To Reset Cisco Switch Password.

After doing the changes i am not able to get to config mode again, it as no password set. I got access to few switches and i am trying to change my cisco switch password, used below command to do it. The first step is to connect a console cable to the com port of your workstation to gain access to the switch.

Log In To The Switch Console.

This is obviously a lot less secure. Enable password (password is cisco) enter, logout, enter. Make sure you save the config afterwards.