Fun Ways To Tell Your Parents Your Pregnant

Fun Ways To Tell Your Parents Your Pregnant. 14 ways to announce pregnancy to your parents! “we’re pregnant!,” “new chicklet on the way” or “9 months to hatch.”.

30 Fun Ways to Tell Your Parents That You're Pregnant Just Simply Mom
30 Fun Ways to Tell Your Parents That You're Pregnant Just Simply Mom from

Prolong the surprise by wrapping the shirt in wrapping paper and placing it in a box that’s placed in. Leave a bun in your oven, and when they come over ask them to take out the “food” from the oven. Telling your parents you're pregnant can be one of the most challenging parts of teen pregnancy.

Break The Shell Of This Egg To Reveal A Message Of Your Choosing:

Gift your husband a funny book on pregnancy, such as ‘my boys can swim’. A good way to get your parents thinking, and to test your acting skills. And it’s natural to want to share that.

All You Need To Do Is Bring Dark Chocolate From The Market And Decorate It With White Chocolate.

Wrap it up as a little ‘gift’ and watch their expression as they open it and realize what’s happening. Also, you can get him to watch a funny movie on pregnancy and see how long it takes for him to get the clue about your good news. This sweet announcement will bring joy to the family for sure.

Use A Needle To Carefully Punch A Hole In The Bottom End Of An Egg About Half A Cm Wide.

20 fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant the pregnancy. So announce your pregnancy to parents who are already grandparents by sending a photo of your firstborn with a photo of your sonogram. If your parents have a place for guests to put their shoes in the hall or doorway, add a teeny tiny pair of baby shoes and wait for your parents to notice!

Buy A Diaper Or Milk Bottle.

15 ideas to tell your parents you’re pregnant 1.) unbox it. Your parents love pictures of their grandkids. Buying a diaper and then packing it for your parents is the funniest idea to reveal the news of the pregnancy to the parents.

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Play fish bowl or charades. Moreover, for a pretty clear indication that they will be grandparents, this idea is perfect. Wrap up bibs/pacifier/gender neutral outfits.