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It gums up in the winter when it is real cold or if you have a ton of build up from not cleaning it out regularly. It's just a habit I learned from day 1 many years ago at Schneider and still do it.

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Nov 22, 6. I always get under and look, and it's a good thing I do. Even after fueling when I didn't leave the vicinity of the truck. I never release the trailer brakes without doing a little tug test.

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You'll never lift a heavy trailer's legs off the ground like you will an empty. Your airbags will compress greatly under the weight but while your hooking up your airlines and electrical it will rise a little. I never used the trolly bar although its a real good idea. That's twice on the parking brake, once with the service brake, and a visual. I definitely want to make sure the hook up is good.

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Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? When I was at kb I hooked and unhooked 12 to 14 times a day,I always hooked up the way I described in my earlier post and unhook I would pull the trl brk and make sure my trk was flushed with the trailer to ease the tention so the fifth wheel handle was easy to pull. VoyagerNov 22, Name Phone Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the I provided.

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When hooking to a loaded trailer, tanks in my case, I always hear the fifth wheel latch and immediately verify visually. VoyagerX-Country and Pup Thank this. I would back under, tug, and not be hooked, it was taking times to finally get the jaws to latch. Tug test is useless, and doesn't do your hookup any truckers either. Dna MachNov 22, Nov 22, 8. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Nov 22, 5. Nov 22, Show Ignored Content. Do what you can do to insure you're hooked up while in the hookup position, but once you get out to level ground, double check again visually and by any other means available.

Tug tests when hooking to a trailer will twist the landing legs into oblivion and you'll be cranking in low gear much longer than is necessary. Nov 22, 2.

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Nov 22, 4. Each company we work with has specific experience requirements for their drivers. Pintle hooks, too if ya got 'em. Dale thompson Thanks this. And until you gain some experience, back under the trailer, but stop short of the king pin. It was enough to fool an unsuspecting driver into thinking it was a proper hookup. Just because you have resistance when you do a "tug test" does NOT mean that the jaws of the fifth wheel are fully closed.

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Your username or address: Do you already have an ? Best to find out you're not latched good there then on a public road. Nov 22, 3. Nov 22, 7. The other day I started having difficulty hooking up. Every driver has a system of doing things and they aren't kidding when they say old habits are hard to break. Nov 22, 9.

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I tug twice when I initially hook up, get under and look during the pre-trip, and then tug again using the trolley before I finally drive. When you're hooking up from a lot with pot holes or otherwise an uneven position.

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Always look. In order for you to receive the best possible offers, please make sure your answers above are accurate prior to submitting. Totally agree visual check every time.

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Better safe then sorry. Never waste time on a tug test. Being trucker makes this more difficult but no less important. Draft saved Draft deleted. STexanNov 22, Big Don Thanks this. New hookups please read - Hook up procedures Nov 22, 1. Had I not gone under and looked, somewhere down the road, the connection likely would have failed, and a potential catastrophe could have occurred. Find Trucking Jobs. On one of my hookups, I did the tug test, and it acted as if it was latched. Get out and look at the 5th wheel to be sure that the trailer is not too high.

Also, with the colder weather here, be sure to check the amount of grease on your fifth wheel. I think ten rotations in low gear is equivalent to one rotation in high gear, roughly.

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If you keep banging a wagon and it simply won't hook that's one thing to look at. I always make sure the kingpin is lined up with the yoke before hooking up then I give it a tug test about 3 times then physically get under the trailer to make sure the jaws are locked.

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