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Other times, it is teasing, bantering, a direct look in the eye. He claims he never flirts.

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Michael Townshend, director of international affairs for BP Amoco, has a rich British accent and a twinkle in his eye. Just like men, these women are confident about their business skills and not shy about showing it. No means no. Most appear to be flattered, says Carville. Eye contact. Times Store. But these are dangerous waters, matey. Some might take offense at that. The comfort level depends on age, class and personality.

So everyone pretends not to notice a well-toned body or well-turned phrase. I like to please. The conversation ended only after Nancy Reagan almost literally dragged him away. Great flirts invariably have a great sense of humor because love can bring great joy and great sadness, but half the fun is getting there.

Even enthusiastic flirts get tongue-tied on the topic of office flirting.

How to flirt (even if you’re far from a 10)

Never push. Small talk. They walk away from you feeling smarter, clever, more interesting than before they spoke with you. The best flirtations are like a good game of tennis: Both players lob and return volleys for the pure pleasure of it. So flirting has become like drinking during Prohibition. Flattery is just saying something nice to someone. Notice he never says anything directly to the woman.

I want to make people feel comfortable and good about themselves. If there were a master class in flirting, power broker Vernon Jordan could teach it. In fact, some of the best flirts are part of a happy couple--marriage draws a line that should not be crossed. Business Visionaries. Compliments should be about the body of work, never the body. For all sorts of good reasons--more women in the workplace, more sexual freedom, crackdowns on sexual harassment, women in greater positions of power and that nasty Lewinsky scandal--flirting has become a complicated business. No sex talk, jokes or innuendo.

I think it has to do with climate. Foreign diplomats, with their polished social skills, arrive in this city and dazzle. No comments about personal life.

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Flirting, the delicious art of saying nothing and everything, is disappearing. What a sad state of affairs. Flirting is more focusing on the opposite sex. About Us. B2B Publishing. This is what makes Jordan so good: He finds something about every woman to compliment.

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One must be very, very careful. Flirting is a grace note in life, a charming social skill that every grown-up should know how to do properly--Republicans, Democrats and everyone in between. All Sections. He listens. The same rules apply for e-mail and other forms of cyber-flirting, she says. The Southerners--Italians, Spanish and French--are the best. But flirting is never redundant. Feminists have done a lot of really great things, and I salute them, but one bad thing they did is diminish the art of flirting.

At age 12, managing editor Lisa McCormack was first told that she was a great flirt.

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But even those veddy proper English can make quite an impression. Dinner parties are filled with earnest conversation.

This is what flirting looked like 50 years ago

But the truth is that flirting only crosses the line to harassment if the attention is unwelcome. Historically, men and women interacted primarily in the social sphere, and flirting was part of a prolonged courtship process.

They make my day. No one wants to offend, no one wants to say the wrong thing, no one wants to get sued. He teases.

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Some women say Orrin Hatch yes, that Orrin Hatch, the Republican senator from Utah is a fabulous flirt: He flirts like a laser fashion, and women just blossom. Just a self-contained moment. Charm, of course. The fact that he is married makes it simpler.

Carville, who was 49 when he wed, has refined flirting to a discreet series of nuanced moves:. I find people fun and exciting. You turn to the other man and point to the husband. Just as men feel no need to mask their masculinity, women are letting their femininity show. Which gives us bathtub-gin flirting--passable but hardly smooth. Compliments are left unsaid. Some folks--because of cultural backgrounds or marital status--are less inhibited.

No touching. Holmes wrote that 22 years ago, when the Pill and the sexual revolution had all but made flirting and good seem precious and redundant. Since millions of co-workers meet, flirt and fall in love, someone must be doing it right. Does he think of himself as a old Flirting in the office is strictly forbidden by the gods of Better Safe Than Sorry. Hot Property. And the guy feels great too. And just the tiniest hint that you find the person attractive. That sexy little undercurrent that used to charge a great party has been replaced by the dull drone of political correctness.

Perhaps overly confident, in fact. Flirting should never have a morning after. Nothing overt, nothing pressured, nothing approaching a pass. Good flirting should be like good champagne: a bubbly treat. Jordan moves through a room like a hot knife in butter--charming men and flirting with women.

5 ways to flirt like you're the romantic queen of ye olden times

Not a good idea. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. And I like women, but I like them all: I flirt with the pretty ladies, and I flirt with the not-so-pretty ladies. Times Events. The shrewd people--call them charming, call them charismatic, call them flirts--understand and use it to their advantage. Never pressure. But flirting, she says, is reserved for the specific purpose of coupling up.

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LAT Archives. I like conversation. She has a knack for making a man adore her by focusing on him. He notices their hair, their earrings, their dress. He genuinely likes women, and they line up to chat with him.

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Anecdotal evidence reveals that Washington is more conservative than New York or Los Angeles, law offices are more careful than software start-ups. She knows that a good flirt flirts with the person, not his title or his wallet.

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