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An article written that I can pass around to everyone. Students can take their chances — if they wish, given what they know about infection outcomes. On-campus protocols proposed by universities include testing, distancing, class shifts, regular disinfection of classrooms, reconfiguration of campus housing, and even quaranteams. While the virus continues to rage, our classrooms are only as safe as our weakest links. Campuses opening just in time for the seasonal flu to meet Covid!

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Most universities will survive, many will not. Every year 50M-plus Americans come down with the flu and corona virus will just be delighted to mix it up with all those immune-challenged flu victims…of all ages. But the support staff?

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Sure, Human Brain. Having been a student off- and on-line this year, I can see a big problem to opening colleges that is never mentioned — the support staff. But likely all scenarios will lead to one realization: the protocols mandated by the surge in US infections will diminish the in-class experience to the point where the delta between in-person and Zoom will be less than the delta between the risks of each approach.

Wow, the palpable human thought illogical conceptualization of a human health catastrophe. But in-person classes should not take place. The de facto permissibility of cheating renders grades meaningless and defeats the purpose of college— differentiating people based on what they know or can achieve. Faculty can be protected, with difficulty. Preach it Scott! My daughter is given the following option for her university: Return to campus, study like a monk, visit no one, have no visitors, and promise to never leave the boundaries of the school.

Or just suffer through it, like I originally had to?

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As king of the jarhe, I was privy to the tragedy that unfurled each week from the collision of youth, alcohol, and newfound freedom. The caterers, the cleaners, the librarians, the maintenance crew, the campus security — all people who must interact with students? If this order had been issued just 8 weeks from now, I would have to miss the first class. Your cold that you bring to me or one of your sick, elementary school age kids brings to me because you only think of yourself and not what affect your actions have on others.

This also has the potential to break the wheel of the emerging caste system fueled by higher ed.

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A doubling of the freshman seats at UCLA would return admission rates to what they were in the nineties — still more difficult to be admitted than when I applied. Every university effectively falls to the highest common denominator of infection rates. Enjoy the holiday. This worsens the grade inflation problem. The scenario planning via Zoom among administrators rivals D-Day. We must play a key role, as we always have, in arresting, not enabling, the greatest health crisis of our era. We are okay Super Him Jack! We are all exhausted from this crisis, and the need for a return to normal is powerful.

Therefore cheating should be expected and offline testing should be mandatory.

Even the invincible ones. And what about the old people — faculty. While universities have a nobler mission than movie theaters, professional sports, restaurants, and choir practice, the virus thrives equally in a lecture on Aristotle as in a movie theater, bar, or basketball court. What parent would let their kid go to a movie theater 15 times a week? University GPR from the state of Wisconsin has declined ificantly over the last 25 years. This means every large university will be welcoming thousands of people from regions that have some of the greatest infection rates globally.

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Those little monsters are just germ machines! Scott Galloway profgalloway.

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American universities are a place where promising youth can find their greatness, and great minds find truths that make the world a better place through research. Why not be honest with the students! This has been a long time coming and, similar to many industries, we will be forced to make hard decisions.

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Except our on-campus guidelines are only as effective as those adhered to off campus. Do the math on the complexity and the risks: travel, exposure, sealed air, close proximity. Twenty-two million students enroll in college in the US annually. The bold statements from presidents and provosts are symptomatic of the viruses that also plague American leadership and business: exceptionalism that has morphed into arrogance and an idolatry of money that supplants regard for the commonwealth.

Our treasurer Sigma Chi hanged himself after his girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal. Not sure what it would look like. Is the new name of the game, I guess.

We have, in just the last several weeks, come a long way. Oh goody!

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The leadership and administrations of universities are talented, creative, and empathetic. Especially with elementary age. US universities have survived and prospered for centuries. Nothing wrong here, nope, all good! The average age of a tenured professor is 55meaning if you meet a year-old tenured prof, there is someone at 70 teaching Ellingtonia, the Study of Duke Ellington seriously, I took this class at UCLA.

We are okay Jack, only Covid has got a thick skull.

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They are also most likely to feel immortal and defy healthcare guidance. By leveraging technology, universities can unlock a massive increase in the ROI of public universities, which educate two-thirds of university students. OR: take classes on line. Letting students congregate in rooms permanently sealed for temperature control, regardless of masks and distancing protocols, plays like the opening scene of Contagion 2.

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Parents and students may still decide to send their kids back to campus, and make their own decisions concerning the risks they can tolerate with a hybrid experience — online learning while living on or near campus. Pay everything now while you decide.

What do you think she chose? Cold and flu season? Leaning in to the online experience will instill universities with a multichannel competence. Heck, you can build a popemobile style perspex box in every class room and lecture hall if you want. Would love to hear this side of higher ed discussed more as opposed to high ticket institutions. Not trying to start an argument or get dog piled. Thank you to our collective illusion about our super ability without adequate capabilities to manage the Covid Pandemic.

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste, and there is a huge opportunity. When it comes to infection rates, universities are the enemy of R0not its agent.

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The Lungers. In the same year, a Lambda Chi passed out from drinking on the roof of his fraternity, rolled off into the driveway, and was found the next morning in a coma. And stating out loud what in my mind should be so obvious to everyone — but actually appears to be obvious to no one.

Anyway, in my opinion, opening any educational institution will be the kiss of death for us and tip us over the edge into a very bad place. These are people we need to protect. Gen Z is by far the age group most likely to be asymptomatic. But we need to check our optimism, and re-embrace our other superpower: empathy. Wearing a mask?

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Administrators can stay in their offices and zoom. Hundreds of thousands of faculty and administrators would be interacting with them on campus. So, both physically and psychologically, young people are most inclined to be superspreaders.

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After 12 weeks together, those students will travel back to all 50 states, and international students to the 4 corners of the earth. The message is that, we are far away from the end of the world, yet so keen to see the catastrophe of humanity. Once university leadership has acknowledged the obvious, they can turn their formidable human and financial capital to reducing the delta between online and offline experiences. Offers access courses, first degrees which I think typically take around 7 years part time, compared to the usual 3 years in UKand some masters programmes including MBA.

Some face to face insyruction for practical courses using facilities rented from other universities in summer months for a few weeks.

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