Civic Center Shd Tech Sewer

Civic Center Shd Tech Sewer. To help you find each one of these collectibles check out the video above by wow quests. Here is the sewer entrance from above, and below is the location on the map warlords of new york’s city map.

Division 2 Civic Center SHD Tech Cache Locations Gamer Journalist from

You will find a large dumping site, with trucks and black containers. This item will be underground in the sewers. If you find the body beforehand and inspect and pick up.

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The location of the first civic center shd cache. Division 2 shd tech crate locations two bridges area. Not from the elite that spawns there, but from a another room in that same sewer area.

You Can Find Civic Center Underground.

For the first shd cache, players need to head outside the settlement and toward the civic center. In the new expansion for the division 2 there are various collectibles for players to find. The second civic center shd tech cache is in the sewers.

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Inside the alley, continue to climb the vents on the right side of graffiti to find it. Can't get the shd in the sewer. You need to climb up the white truck parked next to the black containers, and then go all the way up.

There Are A Number Of Shd Tech Caches To Find In The Civic Square Area Of The Division 2.

You can access this location from a manhole that. To help you find each one of these collectibles check out the video above by wow quests. Map location for ny civic center shd cache in the sewers.

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It has roots in a piece of classical latin literature from 45 bc, making it over 2000 years old. The shd tech cache is near some barrels to your right. Months after the outbreak, the jtf set up a base of operations in the new york city hall, and the jtf was controlling most of the civic center area, until rogue division agent aaron keener launched an attack on the city.