Cisco Router Configure Fastethernet Interface

Cisco Router Configure Fastethernet Interface. Enter a new enter a new vlan id to create a vlan, or enter an existing vlan id to modify that vlan. I assigned this port to vlan3 and this should be nat ouside since i want to nat from vlan3 to vlan1.

Basics of Cisco Router Configuration. YouTube
Basics of Cisco Router Configuration. YouTube from

Type the following commands to enable an interface on a cisco switch or router : An example of configuring a fastethernet interface with some possible options is as follows: Ip address cisco ccna configuring ip addresses.

(Ports 0 And 1) Step 2 Example:

Command purpose step 1 router#configure terminal enters global configuration mode. Adds a comment to the interface. Interface and hardware component configuration guide, cisco ios release 15s 9 configuring lan interfaces ethernet fast ethernet and gigabit ethernet interface configuration task list.

You Can Use These Steps To Configure One Or Both Of Them.

Enter a new enter a new vlan id to create a vlan, or enter an existing vlan id to modify that vlan. Most of today’s routers are modular, the configuration would be “interface type slot/port” or “interface type module/slot/port”. The first part of this command is same for ethernet and serial ports, the second part is where you have to specify whether you are configuring serial interface or ethernet interface(in our case we are going to configure ip address for ethernet interface), “fa” stands for fast ethernet.

If You Wanted To Set The Interface To A Specific Speed/Duplex On A Router Interface.

Adds an address and subnet mask to the interface. It will set description on interface. My settings are like the following:

# Show Interfaces Fastethernet 0/1 Status Port Name.

Command purpose step 1 interface type number example: Now, i setup a dhcp pool for 3 the other 3 ports: To complete the first lab objective we’ll need to execute the ip address from the fastethernet0/0 interface configuration mode as shown below;

To Display A Status Of An Interface, Use The 'Show Interfaces Status' Command :

Name test ***** interface fastethernet0/1. The sub interface becomes fa 0/x. Address mapping in frame relay.