Cisco Router 2800 Series Configuration

Cisco Router 2800 Series Configuration. Note:currently ssh will work, telnet will no longer work over the network. Please have a look at the config based on the info at&t gave me (need second set of eye's.

Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Router Cisco 2821
Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Router Cisco 2821 from

Enter into global configuration mode from the privileged exec mode: Check more about cisco 2800 router document, cisco 2800 router configuration, manual and datasheet of cisco 2800 router, download cisco 2800 installation guide, commands. I've set up serial0/3/0 to connect to.

Connectivity Via Dsl, Cable Modem, T1, Or 3G Wireless Maximizes Your Options For Both Primary And Backup Connections.

Table 1 and table 2 summarize the wiring requirements. Touchdown#show conf using 1931 out of 245752 bytes! Note:currently ssh will work, telnet will no longer work over the network., 26 Which I've Plugged Into The Config.

Configured from console by console device#. The at&t engineer gave me an ethernet address of and serial ip's: Hostname (config)#enable secret cisco 13.

Cisco 2800 Series Isrs Provide The Highest Level Of Performance To Accommodate Growth For Even The Most Demanding Business.

The following is the basic configuration needed for the simple scenario above. Cisco 2800 series integrated services routers offer a range of features, including: By samiadminn · about 14 years, 2 months ago.

If You Issue A Show Ip Interface Brief Command, Every Interface That You Want To Use Should Display Up Up.

In reply to configuration of cisco 2800 series router. The following example shows how to compress configuration files for a cisco 2800 series router that are larger than 192 kb. Router# configure terminal changes the routers interface from privileged mode to global configuration mode.

This Is My Show Conf On The Router I Configured As Shown Below:

Device# configure terminal enter configuration commands, one per line. Assign ip address to interfaces. Prompt becomes routername(config)# router(config)#crtl‐z will exit global configuration mode and return to privileged mode.