Cisco Phone How To Check Missed Calls

Cisco Phone How To Check Missed Calls. Navigate to the missed calls option look at call history on lcd press editdial soft key to prepend exit soft key twice to exit making calls from a corporate directory 4 line or speed dial button opens a new line, speed dials the number on the lcd screen, or ends a call.

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To sort to view only missed calls, press the “missed” calls softkey. To view your call records: Select call history and press select, or press 1, to bring up the local services menu.

Manage The Recent Calls List On The Ip Phone View Your Recent Calls.

Missed calls option on the directory menu allows the user to view call history and call back missed calls. 3 cisco ip phone model type indicates cisco ip phone model. Soft keys can change according to the state of the phone.

Use The Navigation Button To

Directories, and select one of the following entries: Choose the call history tab. Use up and down navigation buttons to highlight missed calls, received calls or placed calls and then press select or the 3.

(Optional) To Verify The Configured Missed Call Indicator, Dial The Number Of Your Ip Phone Using Another Ip Phone And Do Not Answer The Call.

To view your call records: In this example, the cisco 8861 ip phone. 5 footstand adjustment allows you to adjust the angle of the phone base.

The Name Of The Caller, Extension Number Of The Caller, Date, And Time Of Each Missed Call Is Displayed.

Forward all calls to forward all of your incoming calls to another number. Follow the steps above to open your missed, received or placed calls directory. Call forward (all calls) call forward (all calls) lets you forward all incoming calls to another number.

If You Depart From An Application Without Pressing Or Exit (For Example, To Answer A New Call), The Phone Screen Display May Change But The Button Stays Green.

All calls — all missed, received, and placed calls. In this video we describe how to view your missed calls on a cisco uc500 phone system using the cisco ip phone 7962. If the lcd screen shows a.