Cisco Layer 3 Switch Etherchannel

Cisco Layer 3 Switch Etherchannel. The cisco stackwise virtual active switch runs the layer 3 protocols and features for the stackwise virtual. For a layer 3 etherchannel, layer 3 svi (switch virtual interface) is created, and then the physical ports are placed into an etherchannel group which is bound to the l3 svi.

Tech Tips Cisco IOS Layer 3 EtherChannel and Jumbo Frames
Tech Tips Cisco IOS Layer 3 EtherChannel and Jumbo Frames from

Switch(config)#do show etherchannel summary flags: The picture above is my topology. Configure these interfaces as a layer 3 etherchannel with lacp.

There Are Two Versions Of Etherchannel In Computer Networking Pagp And Lacp.

This chapter describes how to configure etherchann els on layer 3 ports on cisco 1900, 2900, and 3900 series isrs. So you will not be able to ping on sw2 until you enable ip routing and add a static route. Understanding etherchannel feature etherchannel allows multiple physical ethernet links to be combined into one logical link.

However, It Doesn't Have The Full Feature Set Of A Regular 3560 Switch, Which Makes Me Hesitate On Whether It Supports Layer 3 Etherchannel.

Since you changed the portchannel from a layer 2 etherchannel to a layer 3 etherchannel, you no longer have vlan information being passed between the switches. The standard version is lacp link aggregation control protocol. I am trying to setup a network that includes an etherchannel link between two cisco layer 3 switches (catalyst 3750).

The Picture Above Is My Topology.

Layer 3 etherchannel configuration guidelines. Switch 1 has a static route pointing to the /30 router ip address nearby. Layer 3 switch #sh ether sum.

Etherchannel 127 And 128 Are Reserved For Svl Connections.

All the layer 3 protocol packets are sent. On my layer 2 access switches (s1, s2, s3) i have several hosts connected right now, on several vlans. Cisco stackwise virtual supports up to 192 mecs deployed in layer 2 or layer 3 modes.

Configure Ip Address On Switch1 And On Switch2.

To make life easier, on sw2 change the svi to the following: Native vlan and allowed vlan should be same) 4. Before we configure the port channel settings you need to make sure that all interfaces have the exact same configuration.