Cisco Clear Ip Nat Translation

Cisco Clear Ip Nat Translation. The router will take the command but nothing happens. Ip nat inside source static udp 407 407 extendable.

Network Address Translation (NAT44)
Network Address Translation (NAT44) from

If you clear all translations with clear ip nat translations * then all exisiting connections with nat translations will be torn down. Note that cisco ios software does not allow you to change or delete an address pool while addresses from the pool are mapped in the nat table. Pro inside global inside local outside local outside global.

Now Everything Is Working Fine.

Note the number 24320 in the translation table above. Run the debug ip nat translations and debug ip packet commands in order to see if the translations are correct and the correct translation entry is installed in the translation table. You are not clearing the logs you are clearing the actual translations.

And You Know, You Have To Do It Many Times, For Every Nat Entry You Have To Clear… And Those Entries Are All There, Within A Single Command Output:

Device # clear ip nat translation udp inside 1220 1220 outside 53 53 (optional) clears a udp translation entry. Well, it seams you forgot to give a clear ip nat translation * to also clear the peak counter, thats why you have 2 peak translations. #show ip nat translations | inc udp udp

If You Clear All Translations With Clear Ip Nat Translations * Then All Exisiting Connections With Nat Translations Will Be Torn Down.

Ip nat inside source static udp 407 407 extendable. Clear ip nat translation *. You can be more granular and specify a particular nat translation.

I Have A Dynamic Nat Configured On Our Core Switch ( 6807Xl).

The router will take the command but nothing happens. Tried adding another nat to the existing line, then the result was: You can try to remove the ip nat inside and ip nat outside commands from the related interfaces and then do a clear ip nat trans *.

You Can Specify A Single Entry By The Global And Local Address Or By Tcp And Udp Translations (Including Ports), Or You Can Use An Asterisk (*) To Clear The Entire Table.

The clear ip nat translations command clears entries; We tested with the following commands: Icmp