Akkala Tech Lab Blue Flame

Akkala Tech Lab Blue Flame. The easiest way to get it to the furnace would be using a torch, but i guess there are technically other ways (you could probably arrow light the torches oot style.) maikerushinigam 5 years ago #3. I've thought about using a wooden weapon to hold the flame, but it destroys the weapon before i can get there.

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Akkala tech lab blue flame this is a guide to the side quest, robbie's research, in legend of zelda: Akkala ancient tech lab is a location from the legend of zelda: Welcome to the basement, let's play breath of the wild.

Breath Of The Wild Is A High Quality Rip Of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab From The Legend Of Zelda:

The akkala ancient tech lab is an odd modified lighthouse on the eastern tip of akkala. Grab the torch by the front door and glide off the cliff to the waypoint on the map, which takes you just north of the village. I need to get the blue flame back to the akkala tech lab.

The Lab's Inhabitants Include Robbie, Director Of The Lab, His Wife Jerrin, And Cherry, A Robot Who Can Sell Link Ancient.

The blue flame at akkala ancient tech lab is very volatile, but it has one purpose: It is operated by robbie, one of the sheikah researcher's and assistant to purah in hateno village. In breath of the wild, a blue flame is a special type of fire created from a strong energy deposit, known as ancient furnaces, that is required to fuel the furnaces at both the akkala ancient tech lab and the hateno ancient tech lab.

Unlike The Earlier Quest, However, The Path To The Akkala Lab Is Riddled With Enemies, Including A Guardian Just Down The Hill.

You have to run around or cross the water to reach it. And there’s a similar requirement: He uses this flame for the furnace in his lab, which allows him to create ancient gear and weapons.

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Is An Odd Modified Lighthouse On The Eastern.

In fact, the blue flame needed to. There's a blue flame to the west. Unlike its hateno counterpart, the path to find the blue flame is not simple or straightforward.

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Runs On The Same Blue Flame Used In The Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

How to light the furnace in akkala tech lab. Seeing symin as useless purah desperately tried to relight it despite her condition, but was spotted by one of the village children before she could relight. Link can talk to certain people while his torch is lit with a blue flame and they will comment on the flame and what they know about it.